This section documents the application programmering interface (API). This is a complete reference describing all the functionality available when doing integration with Netaxept.


The API supports both REST (or "URL"-interface, enter values as "GET"-parameters and have return values presented as XML) and Web Services. Unfortunately, there is an issue with versioning with some Web Services platforms. This problem has forced us to implement a whitelisting system for the Web Services API. Please note: There is no versioning problem with the REST-API as long as you implement your XML-parsing in a non-strict fashion.

The problem with versioning occurs when we add new fields to our output parameters. Some technologies are very brittle when the output changes from what they did when the stubs were generated from our WSDL-files. To combat this problem, we suggest all users of non-whitelisted web service platforms use the old interface or change their web service platform to one of the ones whitelisted. The old interface has had its output parameters frozen, although new input-parameters are occasionally introduced, as this results in no breakage.

Whitelisted Web Service Platforms

Here is a list of whitelisted web service technologies. This list is subject to change and will expand as we get the chance to verify that a technology supports versioning of data.

  • WCF (part of .NET framework)
  • .NET 2.0 Web References
  • PHP5 SoapClient (part of the normal PHP5 distribution)
  • The Zolera Soap Infrastructure for Python (ZSI)

If your web service platform is not on the list, please refrain from using it against our Web Service, as your implementation might break when we make changes.

Blacklisted Web Service Platforms

Blacklisted Web Service platforms:

  • Axis 1
  • Axis 2